Week, weekend or daily workshops in glass, pottery, Italian cooking and Italian language, taught by experts in unique and inspirational surroundings.
Whether you are an absolute beginner or seeking to practice and perfect your skills, we can create a programme to suit you.
We have special pottery and glass workshop activities for children .

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The Workshop day runs from 10.00 – 13.00 with a break for an al fresco lunch and a swim,then 14.30 – 17.00
Advance booking is recommended for all workshops as our numbers are restricted – let us know your requirements when you submit your accommodation request.


Fusing, slumping and casting.
Students will work in clear and coloured glass, enamels and precious metal leaf and can experiment with glass cane, frit and inclusions.

Fusing and Slumping
Students can learn cutting and preparing glass for kiln forming, making and preparing moulds for fusing and slumping, firing and finishing.

Designing a three dimensional form, preparing a terracotta model and setting up and casting a plaster mould .Lost wax techniques.
*This course requires a minimum of three days

Stained glass

Instruction includes design for a stained glass piece, cutting and shaping techniques, painting with enamels and etching using sandblasting, assembly with lead or copper foil and finishing.

Your tutors
The workshops are taught by Steven Newell, an internationally renowned glass maker and Lindsay Henderson, a specialist in kiln formed glass. Both have taught extensively over their careers and are passionate about passing on their knowledge and skills.


2 day course 140 euros
further days 70 euros
Maximum six students

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Instruction includes throwing, slab construction,hand building.For the week course, students will have the opportunity to try raku firing, glazing and simple decorative techniques.


2 day course 140 euros
further days 70 euros
Maximum six students

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Italian Cookery and/or Italian Language

Culinary skills am
Italian language pm
Maximum six students
Chefs table lunch included

Italian Cookery

The Garfagnana has a rich culinary tradition based around local food production. Pecorino, prosciutto, cured sausages and meats are made in the mountains around us and the historic water-powered mill in the local village still produces stoneground flour from the chestnuts in the surrounding woods. The professional kitchen located in the old cantina is equipped for
conventional and open fire cooking. The restored pizza oven is used for bread making as well as stone baking meat and vegetables – and pizza of course.

Cookery workshops are held in the morning from 09.30 – 13.00, followed by lunch when students gather around the table to enjoy the dishes they have created.

Your tutors
Workshops are taught by professionally trained local chefs, experts in casalinga cooking with skills learned, first and foremost, from their mothers and grandmothers.

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Italian Language

Our Italian language workshops are designed to complement the experience of a holiday in the Tuscan mountains and some of the activities we offer at I Romiti. Focused on conversation, they are informal and fun.

Workshops are held in the chapel in the afternoons from 15.30 – 18.00 or outdoors, weather permitting. A basic knowledge of Italian is helpful but not essential, and content can be customised to suit different skill levels and interests.

Some workshop themes
‘Sbattare montare’
Culinary Italian – learn how to navigate your way through an Italian restaurant menu without having to rely on dodgy translations, understand an authentic Italian recipe, and impress the staff in your local deli when you get home.

‘Camminare cultivare’
The environment – join us on a walk and learn the vocabulary of the trees, flowers and fauna of the area, the seasons and the weather. Goat husbandry and alpaca rearing, oak and chestnut woods, different varieties of olives and where they thrive.

‘Parlare per vivere’
Street Italian – the essentials of urban life, from ordering an espresso or a ‘bicchiere di vino’, to getting the bus or train, to asking directions when you’ve forgotten the way back to your hotel.

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Culinary skills am
Italian language pm
Maximum six students
Chefs table lunch included

Three day course 600 Euros