Home of some of the founding fathers of the Slow Food Movement, the Garfagnana has a rich culinary tradition based around local food production which really isn’t celebrated enough outside Italy. Pecorino, prosciutto, cured sausages and meats are made in the mountains around I Romiti. The historic water-powered mill in the local village still produces stoneground flour from the chestnuts in the surrounding woods as well as otto file. We have a local cottage brewing industry in the mountains above us using chestnut and gran farro.

Our menus are designed to make the most of local seasonal produce – wild boar, cured sausages, prosciutto and porcini from the surrounding mountains and forests, river trout from the Turrite, cheese from goats grazed on our land.

The professional kitchen located in the old cantina is equipped for
conventional and open fire cooking. The restored pizza oven is used for bread making as well as stone baking meat and vegetables – and pizza of course.

You can learn to cook on our Italian cookery courses visit workshops for more information.